corzblog bbcode parser preview

As well as providing its usual functions as my [search engine fodder] bbcode to html parser, and html to bbcode parser [/search engine fodder] *ahem* as well as providing these two functions, the corzblog bbcode to html parser with built-in html to bbcode parser also, erm, erm. where was I? oh yeah, the bbcode to html parser..

Anyway, here it is! the actual very onsite parser that parses the bbcode of my blog, which as well its usual tasks of, well, you know, the parsing stuff, also moonlights doing a cute wee background demo of itself, you're looking at it. it knew you wanted to do that. hit the "preview" button to see at least one half of the parser's bbcode to html/html to bbcode functionality.

So you know now how you found this page. The front-end (below) is built-in to the parser, you just call the function and it creates the form. The cool, super-portable JavaScript bbcode buttons and functions come in the package, too. Have fun. Oh, and by the way, output is 100% pure xhtml 1.0 strict, or nice plain bbcode, which ever way you look at it, it's free.

text here..

button to undo the last javascript change

cbparser quick bbcode guide..

Most common bbtags are supported, and with cbparser's InfiniTags™ you can pretty much just make up tags as you go along. If cbparser can construct valid xhtml tags out of them, it will. Experimentation is the key, and preview often.

A few bbcode examples..
[b]bold[/b], [i]italic[/i], [big]big[/big], [sm]small[/sm], [img][/img], [code]code[/code], [url="" title="foo!"]foo U![/url], and more.. To post code with indentation and/or strange characters, use [pre][/pre] tags.